Consistently high standards of editorial content to promote your company brand

We are experts in the production of high quality magazines and websites that can deliver the best possible editorial content to readers.

Land & Marine aims to provide intelligent content. This means that our publications are grounded in customer insight and use an editorial tone of voice to engage your customers, rather than ‘marketing speak’.

Our heritage is in contract publishing and we are passionate about magazines. Our clients have discovered that well written editorial content also produces results in other forms – for example, websites, e-zines and direct marketing.

So why does content matter? The average person is exposed to 2,000 marketing messages a day, which makes breaking through to a customer harder than ever. Intelligent content is important if you want to make a connection that lasts. For further information, contact us ▹.


  • paa-tanzania-89-cover
  • UHOA Uganda Hotel Guide 2018 - Hotels, Camps and Lodges
  • This is Botswana 2018
  • 540 Inflight Magazine – Issue 27
  • Fly-SAX Inflight Magazine – Issue 16
  • Destination Zambia 2018
  • Kenya Hotel & Restaurant Guide 2018
  • Village Beat Magazine – Issue 39

Contract Publishing

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of all our publications. The winning combination of well written editorial text, eye-catching designs and high quality paper ensures that magazines and brochures are not only interesting to look at and read, but have a quality ‘feel’ as well. Read More about “Contract Publishing”

Multimedia Solutions

Land & Marine produces eye-catching interactive websites for a wide range of international clients, some of which are supported by on-line advertising. We can readily arrange for the contents of any publication to be made available on the internet via the client’s own website. Read More about “Multimedia Solutions”

Design Agency

Our portfolio offers highly targeted ways to reach your audience. We have a long record of helping clients get their advertisements in front of the right people. Our talented and proactive design team is made up of people with a passion for creating effective and appealing products. Read More about “Design Agency”