Land & Marine works for airlines and airport authorities to produce various publications including airport handbooks and In-flight magazines. We currently publish the in-flight magazines for both Precision Air and Fly540.

You can subscribe to 540 Magazine and receive the e-version of each issue on day of publishing. Just go to our subscription form page and fill in your details. A selection of our latest aviation publications are shown below, click to view an online e-version.

We are…

Land & Marine Publications was established in 1992. As a leading international contract publisher, Land & Marine specialises in creating unique material – especially, but not exclusively, for those in the tourism, airline and maritime sectors. Read More about “We are…”

We create…

Across magazines, newsletters, brochures, guides, handbooks, catalogues and other marketing materials in print and digital formats, Land & Marine can offer clients and advertising partners integrated creative solutions that engage readers. Read More about “We create…”

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Since 1992 Land & Marine has produced publications in more than 50 countries around the world including East Africa, Panama, the Caribbean, Netherlands, Ghana, the UK, Mexico… see our interactive map for more locations. Read More about “We work in…”